As of January 1, 2021, a large number of HES terminals started using sustainably generated electricity.

With this step, HES said: “CO₂ emissions of the HES Group will significantly be reduced and at the same time new investments in sustainable energy sources are stimulated.”

The purchase of renewable electricity is another step towards sustainability of the business operations of HES and reduces the total CO₂ emissions of the HES Group by approximately 50 percent.

The majority of the energy is sourced from the most sustainable option: European wind energy. Although it said it is not possible to determine whether electricity from the grid originates from a renewable or fossil source, the availability of renewable electricity on the grid can be influenced by the purchase of Guarantees of Origin (GoO).

These GoO’s guarantee the traceability of renewable energy from the producer to the final consumer. Through this mechanism, HES ensures that a same amount of renewable electricity is generated and fed into the European grid as the amount consumed.

It added: “Companies can therefore play an active role in increasing demand and supply of sustainable electricity.”

However, this is not the first step that has been taken in this area. HES Botlek Tank Terminal and the French HES terminal Sosersid have been applying industrial symbiosis, using residual flows from neighbouring companies.

This is alongside other initiatives that exist at various HES terminals, such as shore power, the installation of solar panels, the application of more energy-efficient machinery and the installation of LED lighting. HES said: “As a result of the energy transition, HES invests heavily in the accommodation of a changing product portfolio.”

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26th January 2021