HES Hartel Tank Terminal has reported that 24 out of 25 loading arms have arrived from Kanon Loading Equipment BV “and by the request of Ivens, painting specialist CorroPaint has started with the painting and coating of 54 tanks in total.”

It said this will be “quite a challenging job”, and some 81,000 litres of paint will be needed.

It added: “The paint used guarantees to protect the tanks against corrosion and prevents heating of the tanks during the summer. The painting will not only be done on the outside but also partly inside. The bottom of the tank including the first metre upwards is also coated to prevent corrosion from inside the tanks.”

Loading operations at the terminal will meet stringent hydrocarbon emission limits. To achieve this, a two stage Vapour Treatment System from John Zink Hamworthy Combustion is currently being installed.

For optimal availability and to allow regular maintenance the Vapour Treatment System consists of two identical independent trains, each designed for 5,000 m3/h. It said that due to the electric heated RTO thermal, NOx emissions will be extremely low.

For more information visit www.hesinternational.eu

8th April 2021