The Greater Houston Port Bureau’s monthly Commerce Club luncheon and annual meeting will take place January 10, 2019 at Houston Marriott South at Hobby Airport at 11:15am (CST). 

The keynote speaker will be Tony Chovanec, Senior Vice President, Fundamentals & Commodity Risk Assessment for Enterprise Products Partners.

In his presentation, “Our Energy Future is Now”, Tony will highlight the dramatic increase in domestic energy production that has made the U.S. a net exporter of hydrocarbons and the importance of the Houston Ship Channel region in maintaining the country’s dominant position as a global producer. Key points addressed in his presentation will be:

  • How the U.S. became the world’s leading oil producer, and the outlook for the future
  • The U.S. already produces more light crude oil, NGLs, refined products and petrochemicals than it can consume. Where will the markets be for these products?
  • Crude oil exports are expected to quadruple, NGL export volumes expected to double by 2025, and much of our petrochemical and refined products are destined for export. How do we prepare for the magnitude of these opportunities?
  • Energy economists forecast that the U.S. will supply the lion’s share of new production required to meet global demand growth for years to come. What does this mean for our local and regional economies?
  • What is the importance of the Houston Ship Channel in linking the Texas economy to global hydrocarbon demand?

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21st December 2018

21st December 2018