After years of being certified according to VCA/SCC (Safety Checklist Contractors), tank manufacturer Gpi recently successfully passed the more stringent VCA-P audit. No non-conformities were detected.

The audit for quality and safety took place both at the Gpi headquarter and at a typical project at DOW Chemicals in Terneuzen. The VCA-P certification is aimed at the direct control of Safety, Health and Environment (SHE) during the performance of work at the workplace, the SHE structure, as well as additional specific requirements for the petrochemical industry.

Gpi serves several clients in the petrochemical industry, where the emphasis on safety, health and the environmental is high. The VCA-P certificate is therefor often required. By obtaining the VCA-P certificate, Gpi demonstrates compliance with the requirements in the VGM Checklist for Contractors for Petrochemistry and the strictest possible safety requirements as available within VCA.

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22nd April 2019