Tank manufacturer Gpi Group has celebrated its 25th birthday and has marked the occasion with an anniversary book that tracks Gpi’s history.

Since its foundation back in 1994 Gpi has steadily grown into a leading and innovative company with international customers. CEO Fred Boere commented: “25 years: that’s all it took us to grow from a one-man start-up into a powerful group with over 140 employees, and customers at home and abroad. That’s an achievement we can all be proud of.” 

Fred looks to the future with great confidence: “There are plenty of opportunities we can set our sights on and I foresee strong growth in the coming years.”

A special anniversary book, containing over 100 pages and packed with photographic material, sketches a vivid picture of the company and its impressive technical prowess. An array of appealing and challenging projects are put in the spotlight.

For more information visit www.gpi-tanks.com

22nd April 2019