11.03.16. Geldof has been contracted to build new tanks at LBC’s Rotterdam (Netherlands) terminal.
LBC’s investment will triple storage capacity for petroleum products and chemicals to a total of 250,000 cbm.
For Geldof, the project includes among others the construction of 16 new tanks, executed in duplex stainless steel, with a capacity up to 3,000 cbm. The tanks, ranging up to 15m in diameter and over 17m in height, are being fully constructed and finished in Geldof’s workshops to be delivered ready-made to the tank farm and placed onto their foundations.
As well as the increase in storage capacity, a new jetty is being built, equipped with 44 loading arms for seagoing and inland vessels. On the jetty and the land side of the terminal, new stainless steel pipelines will be installed, along with steel support structures. Furthermore, a brand new loading and unloading station will be built for trucks.

11th March 2016