Gasum said: “The gas filling station network for trucks is expanding as Gasum opens the first station in the Trondheim area in Norway.”

The Norwegian city of Trondheim will receive its first gas filling station this summer. The station is part of Gasum’s Nordic gas filling station network for heavy-duty vehicles and will supply both liquified and compressed gas.


The project is a cooperation between Gasum and Coop “and will enable a low emission logistics solution for several actors in the area”, it said.

As of early August, Gasum’s northernmost gas filling station in Norway will be ready to open in Heggstadmoen, some 12 km to the south of Trondheim.

The area is a heavy traffic hub, which gives the station an ideal location, integrating Gasum’s liquefied gas filling station network in the Oslo region with stations such as Östersund and Umeå in the northern parts of Sweden.

John Melby, director traffic Norway, at Gasum, added: “The filling station location south of Trondheim is ideal since it will serve both the many logistics actors in the area and the long-haul transports operating on the route between Trondheim and Oslo.

“I am very happy to implement this solution that offers a swift reduction in emissions for several operators in the heavy road transport sector. Gas is a cost-efficient way of reducing emissions and this solution is available already today.

“There is considerable interest in using this filling station and several companies have signaled that this opens up completely new opportunities for them to transition to low-emission transport.”

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26th April 2021