SENER has appointed Gabriel Alarcón as managing director of SENER Engineering, which handles the company’s infrastructure, energy and marine activities internationally.

Alarcón was previously general manager of technology and innovation at SENER. He joined the company in 1995. Since then, he has held various positions in technical departments, project management, engineering management and general management, as well as in technological fields such as mobility, energy, marine, aeronautics, space, railroads, and automotive.

Alarcón said: “I am proud to take on the role of managing director of SENER Engineering; we are faced with several circumstances that represent unique opportunities, and we will take advantage of them. We also have the best team of professionals in SENER’s history, which is an impressive feat. We will renew our purpose in society through engineering and technology.”

He added: “While I do of course feel enthusiastic about taking on the new professional responsibilities with which SENER have entrusted me, in the current situation it is a challenge with an extra dose of excitement.”

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16th November 2020