Fujairah Oil Terminal’s Commercial Director, Malek Azizeh, said the company is looking to finalise plans to increase its storage capacity by 10% at the Port of Fujairah and connect its entire terminal, including crude oil storage tanks, to the VLCC jetty. 

The storage capacity will be for clean products such as gasoline, naphtha and gasoil. Fujairah Oil Terminal (FOT) currently has storage capacity of 1.2 million m3, for both crude and products.

Azizeh said: “We’ve been operating now at Fujairah for six years and we see the growth potential. We see cooperation from the Government point of view and how much investment they’re making in infrastructure.”

FOT is also looking to finalise plans to connect its entire terminal (including crude oil tanks) to the VLCC jetty, he said. Both the capacity expansion and jetty connection would cost an estimated $80-$100 million over two years.

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6th July 2020