Fluxys Zeebrugge LNG terminal has been given approval by the Belgian federal energy Regulator, CREG, for the tariff and LNG Services Agreement proposals for unloading slots and additional storage services. 

The approval clears the way for Fluxys LNG to finalise new long-term contracts for the facility up to 2044.

Pascal De Buck, CEO and Chairman of the Executive Board Fluxys Belgium, commented: “Today is a milestone for Fluxys Belgium as we will secure stable return from the Zeebrugge LNG terminal up to 2044. CREG’s approval allows us to turn binding interest from the market into new long-term contracts worth roughly €1 billion.”

Laurent Jacquet, Director of the CREG, said: “Tariffs will see a marked decrease for all terminal users who unload and store LNG, and inject natural gas into the transmission system. Through the new tariffs, CREG has established a solid and stable framework for regulatory supervision in the future. These favourable conditions consolidate Zeebrugge’s position as an access point for LNG deliveries to Europe.”

The current long-term contracts for unloading at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal expire horizon 2028. During a subscription window held from April 30 to May 24 2019 unloading slots and additional storage services at the Zeebrugge LNG terminal were offered over subsequent periods up to 2044.

Successful outcome

The subscription window proved highly successful and revealed binding interest from the market for the entire unloading capacity at the facility up to 2044. CREG and Fluxys Belgium perceive the positive outcome of the subscription window process to be the result of a combination of factors:

  • Gas import needs in Northwest Europe are set to rise significantly: gas production in The Netherlands and the North Sea is declining, while gas demand for power generation will increase to accommodate the phase-out of sizeable coal, lignite and nuclear power generation capacity in the region.
  • The subscription window offered an attractive tariff proposition together with optimum destination flexibility throughout Northwest Europe from a strategically positioned LNG terminal: the Zeebrugge facility is directly linked into the Belgian market (ZTP), is fully interconnected with the gas systems of all surrounding markets (TTF, Gaspool, NCG, TRF and NBP) and take-away capacity from the terminal is readily available.

For more information visit www.fluxys.com

12th July 2019