L&J Engineering has added a floating roof retroreflector to its series of radar level gauges.


For level gauging purposes, if floating roof tanks do not have stilling well access for mounting a radar level gauge, the application for radar often leads to the decision to ‘shoot the roof, which involves constructing a reflective metal ‘target’ on top of the floating roof of a size large enough to capture the radar beam during the roof’s entire length of travel; or merely sending the radar beam off of the floating roof without a target, sacrificing accuracy.


Having a target increases radar accuracy, but up until now, the size and cost of the target could be prohibitive, says L&J.


Using the floating roof retroreflector system, accuracy is improved by minimising return radar signal loss during the range of travel of the roof. Since the retroreflector is approximately 24 cb ins, handling and material costs are reduced, as well as time savings for the installation.



17th August 2015