The Fisher Tank Company Board of Directors appointed Ken Jensen, Vice President of Fisher Tank Company, to the Board at their December 15, 2017 meeting. He brings more than 28 years of experience to the role.

“We are so pleased and proud to have Ken Jensen join our Board of Directors; he brings a tremendous work ethic and depth of experience to our leadership team,” said Mike Szelak, Fisher Tank Company Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board.

Ken joined the Fisher Tank Company team in 1990 when he was hired to work in the Chester, PA, shop’s maintenance department. He then took a Project Manager position. In 2004, Ken returned to the company’s headquarters in Chester, PA, and stepped into the role of Fabrication Shop Superintendent. In that role, he oversaw the entire tank fabrication process, including the maintenance, fitting, structural and plate shops, as well as shipping and receiving and managing the progress of all projects through materials acquisition, engineering and drawings, fabrication and transport to the jobsite.

In August of 2016, Ken was appointed Vice President of Fisher Tank Company. “Ken brings extensive knowledge to his role as Vice President, and to his new position as a member of the Board of Directors,” says Szelak. “His experience with tanks from the beginning stages of a project through to construction is an asset to the company and to our customers, and his dedication to this company and its people is unsurpassed. We couldn’t ask for a better leader to  help guide us forward.”

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2nd May 2018

2nd May 2018