In a mine in South Africa, FireDos foam proportioning systems (type FD500, FD1000 and FD1600) are being used at a depth of 6km. It said the mine water poses a specific challenge when used underground.

This is because mining machines are often operated with highly flammable liquids – so the fire protection requirements are correspondingly high.

In this case, the South African mine uses compact FireDos proportioning systems, supplied through DoseTech (PTY) LTD, of types FD500, FD1000 and FD1600 to protect the conveyor belts in case of fire. The units are part of a sprinkler extinguishing system with deluge valve. A 1% AFFF is used as foam concentrate.

For easy transport, the proportioning systems, foam concentrate tank and valves are mounted on portable skids, protected by a grid. Individual elements can be easily replaced during maintenance.

It said the quality of the mine water is a critical factor when using the proportioning mixing systems in the mine, because the lime content is very high.

Over an extended period, the lime calcifies and can cause a potential blockage. For this reason, the water quality was carefully checked before installation. FireDos said regular maintenance and cleaning every six months will be essential to ensure the safe operation of the units.

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28th September 2020