FireDos said fire extinguishing systems must be tested regularly to ensure functionality in case of a fire. The same applies to the proportioner.

It said: “The return line connection enables return of the foam agent back into the foam agent tank under live operating conditions while its volumetric flow rate is measured. The results of this and the measured quantity of water which passes through the unit at the same time are used to calculate the proportioning rate. While doing so, no premix or foam is produced.”

FireDos proportioners enable testing the proportioning rate without any premix or foam. Outlining the process, it said:

– The testing cycle can be activated via the ball valve ‘Returning/Proportioning’.

– Foam agent is circulated and measured by a magnetic/inductive flow meter.

– While the extinguishing water is circulating, the flow rate is measured.

– The water motor drives the proportioning pump in a direct ratio to the extinguishing water.

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17th August 2020