FireDos has said in an online statement that it is receiving an increasing number of enquiries about changing its proportioners over from a foam agent containing fluorine to a fluorine-free foam agent. 

In response, it said it has interviewed several experts in the field of chemistry/foam agents and prepared a set of guidelines for its customers. The guidance is designed to answer questions such as ‘is it sufficient to clean the proportioner?’ Or ‘do any components have to be replaced?’ 

It said any parts in the proportioner, including suction line and return line, can be considered fluorine-free only after the following work steps have been carried out as a minimum. Fluorine-free means that the remaining contamination falls below certain thresholds.

How to proceed: 

  • Complete disassembly down to all individual parts as far as they are exposed to foam agent or premix
  • Replacement of all plastic parts (elastomers and thermoplastics)
  • Thorough cleaning of all remaining parts; the proper disposal of any contaminated water is the customer’s responsibility
  • Re-assembly followed by a functional test

It added that it is “very pleased to carry out any or all of the above work steps”.

Some fluorine-free foam agents are far more viscous than the previously used AFFF or AFFF-AR foam agents. When changing over, it is therefore a must to review the calculation/dimensioning of foam agent tank and suction line in order to further guarantee precise and reliable proportioning. It said: “We will be happy to assist you with this issue, too.”

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28th April 2020