FinCo Fuel Nederland B.V. (FinCo) and Integrated Green Energy Solutions (IGES) and have inked a 5-year agreement for the purchase and offtake of all liquid fuels from non-recyclable plastics.

The fuel will be produced by IGES at its new Amsterdam production facility which is currently under construction. The new plant will start production in the summer of 2019. 

FinCo will distribute the fuels (10ppm ULSD among others) via its own distribution network. The main markets that will be supplied are the marine and transportation sector. The products comply with the latest quality requirements and play an important role in the transition from traditional hydrocarbon fuels to new low carbon fuels. 

“These waste-to-plastic fuels lead to a significant reduction of CO2 emissions which reflects the ambition of both companies”, said Bart-Willem ten Cate, responsible for biofuels and renewables at FinCo Fuel Group.

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26th February 2019