ExxonMobil is preparing a business case for a multi-million pound investment at its Fawley site to help meet demand in the UK market for high quality fuels. If approved, the project, which is expected to involve “significant upgrades”, will reduce the need for diesel imports to the UK, allow the site to process a wider selection of crude oils, and will help secure future employment for 1,000 employees at the site.

The proposed project would include a new hydrotreater unit, which would be supported by a new hydrogen plant.

Fawley refinery is the largest in the UK: approximately one in six cars in the UK operates on fuel produced there. Located on Southampton Water, the Fawley site has prime access to southern England and other markets in Europe.

Any final investment decision will be based on a number of factors, including regulatory approvals, market conditions and economic competitiveness. A final investment decision is not expected until the second quarter of 2019.

ExxonMobil has invested substantially in the Fawley site to maintain its safety, reliability and competitiveness, and we continually assess potential opportunities to meet evolving needs and satisfy market demand.

ExxonMobil is in the process of filing all appropriate permits and planning applications.

Simon Downing, Fawley Refinery manager, said: “If this project is approved, it would be a major investment in the site amounting to hundreds of millions of pounds, and a bold statement of confidence in Fawley and its ability to produce high quality fuels for the UK economy.”

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19th September 2018

19th September 2018