30.03.16. Japan’s Tokyo Gas Co reportedly plans to build a new LNG tank at the Sodegaura LNG terminal on Tokyo Bay. Citing a company spokesman, Reuters reported that the 200,000 kl tank, expected to be operational by March 2024, will be able to hold 92,000 tonnes of LNG, making it larger than two ageing tanks which are set to be demolished.
Tokyo Gas also announced the start of commercial operations at the Hitachi LNG terminal, which is equipped with a 230,000 kl tank that can hold 100,000-110,000 tonnes of LNG.
A second 230,000 kl LNG unit at Hitachi is to be built by March 2021.
A major provider of natural gas to Tokyo and the surrounding regions, Tokyo Gas lowered its projected growth of total gas sales for the next five years to a little over 2 percent a year on average, taking into account the liberalisation of retail city gas sector starting from April 2017.

30th March 2016