European Commission president Ursula von der Leyen made the comments as part of the annual State of the (European) Union speech, an annual address given by the Commission president to the European Parliament (and in theory EU citizens) where she outlines her priorities for the coming twelve months.

She focussed on new policies to achieve the energy transition and emissions reductions such as a new, higher 55 percent net emissions reduction target by 2030; using hydrogen and its derivatives to power cleaner industrial processes; regulating further hazardous chemicals either to phase them out, replace them with less hazardous alternatives, or reduce their usage; and develop new cybersecurity protections and standards (especially for critical infrastructure).

In response, The Federation of European Tank Storage Associations (FETSA) flagged to the EU that synthetic fuels should be part of the future fuel mix for maritime transport. Whilst respecting technological neutrality, it said it would like the Commission to acknowledge that there is a role for climate neutral liquids in its future mobility strategies.

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19th October 2020