Siemens Energy has been selected by engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) company, Enter Engineering Pte Ltd, to supply two low-emission compression trains for Phase I of the Gazli underground gas storage (UGS) project in the Bukhara region of Uzbekistan.

The two trains will help extract up to 20 million m3/d of stored gas in the Gazli field and pressurise it for transportation by pipeline to domestic users in Uzbekistan and export to China. Each train will feature a high-efficiency, single-casing DATUM centrifugal compressor, directly driven by an SGT-750 industrial gas turbine (41 MW ISO).

The project marks the first application of the SGT-750 turbine in Uzbekistan. The SGT-750 turbine’s DLE combustion system offers world-class emission performance and fuel flexibility over a broad load range.

The turbine can achieve single-digit emission levels down to a 20 percent load and does not require a speed-increasing gearbox.

The project marks an essential step in helping the region sustainably meet domestic energy demand.

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26th April 2021