EPS Customer Solutions BV and Systems Navigator BV have formed a partnership to implement digital models for customers in downstream refining, energy industry and trading & supply companies.

Systems Navigator said: “These customers can benefit from the extensive international experience of both companies, enabling a significant improvement in the performance and safe operation of their assets including logistics, planning and optimisation.”

It said downstream oil refineries and terminals face many challenges; tanks are full, demands and prices are low and are forecasted to remain low for the foreseeable future: “How should terminal and refinery operators respond to these challenging conditions? What is currently under their control? A renewed focus on margin optimisation, hydrocarbon losses, energy efficiency, cost control and logistics may help them to increase profitability under these difficult circumstances.”

It added that analysts supplied with the power of digital models can make the right decisions to improve profitability in the current climate: “By combining the strengths of EPS and Systems Navigator, realistic digital models can be created that assist analysts and operators in making better decisions for refineries.

“Using the data trends, data analytics, discrete event simulation and scenario management technology within the digital model, clients are able to accurately predict the future, and anticipate their actions accordingly.”

For more information visit www.systemsnavigator.com

13th November 2020