20.07.2016. Enterprise Products Partners has loaded its first two vessels with polymer grade propylene (PGP) for export at the Enterprise Hydrocarbons Terminal (EHT) along the Houston Ship Channel, adding a new service at the facility.
The company is expecting an increase in the number of PGP export cargoes in response to the growing international demand. The company has the capability to load 5,000 tonnes a day of refrigerated PGP at the EHT dock facilities which are supplied directly by propylene fractionators and storage wells at Enterprise’s Mont Belvieu, Texas complex.
“Our EHT facility provides us with the enhanced efficiency and additional capacity we need to meet the increased demand from our customers looking to export PGP, which is price advantaged due to the shale revolution,” said AJ ‘Jim Teague, CEO of Enterprise’s general partner.
“With the addition of our 1.65 billion pound PDH plant, which is scheduled to begin service in the second quarter of 2017, Enterprise will have the capability to produce 7.5 billion pounds of propylene a year, sufficient to meet the needs of our domestic and international customers.”
Enterprise has recently made enhancements to its pipeline and rail infrastructure to facilitate delivery of refinery grade propylene (RGP) to its fractionation facilities. RGP, a mixture of propane and propylene, is separated into PGP.

20th July 2016