Two new pilot projects testing hydrogen gas as a replacement for natural gas have started, with Ineos and Engie co-firing hydrogen to produce power at a plant in Belgium, and Evolugen and Gazifère generating green hydrogen for injection into a gas grid in Canada.

There is increasing talk amongst the tank storage industry as to the future of large-scale hydrogen terminalling, although demand for hydrogen for fuel is still low. 

Ineos and Engie will use hydrogen in a commercial-scale gas-fired combined heat and power (CHP) plant at the Ineos Phenol site in Doel in Belgium. The two companies aim to replace natural gas in the CHP plant with hydrogen. They will initially replace 10 percent of the gas feed with hydrogen, and if successful, they will increase this to 20 percent. The partners say this is the first time such tests on an operational industrial plant have been carried out at an industrial scale in Belgium.

Canadian renewable energy firm Evolugen and Québec natural gas distributor Gazifère, a subsidiary of Enbridge, plan to build and operate a 20 MW water electrolysis hydrogen production plant next to Evolugen’s hydroelectric facility, which will provide the electricity to the Outaouais region. The green hydrogen will be injected into Gazifère’s natural gas distribution network in Québec. The partners say it will be the first project of its kind in Canada.

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3rd March 2021