“Our client Evonik in Germany is building a new production facility for the high-performance polymer polyamide 12. This site is one of the largest chemical sites in Germany and Evonik’s largest production location,” said Engicon nv (Geldof). 

It added: “We are very happy to be part of this project since we are responsible for the construction of multiple storage tanks!”

From this week Geldof said it is present on site in Germany, “till end of the year”. It said parts of the tanks have already been prepared in its workshop and transportation to site has already happened.

It added that since these construction works are part of a bigger project, they have to be readied within a synchronized project and are located in vicinity of ongoing production and in close cooperation with Evonik.

By way of reassurance it concluded: “Special safety standards will be kept in mind.”

For more information visit www.geldof.be

17th June 2020