Emerson’s radar level devices can give you an early warning if the roof starts tilting or is not draining properly, as improper draining can severely disturb roof operation.

Floating roofs on storage tanks offer advantages in terms of reduced need for vapour recovery, but can also create operational and safety issues. A sinking, tilting, leaking or collapsing roof can cause significant mechanical damage, create overfills, and release explosive hydrocarbon vapour.

The product in the tank may also become contaminated. The causes of tank malfunction may be that the roof is stuck due to damaged or incorrectly mounted rim seals. Leaking pontoons, overfills, strong winds, and inadequate draining during heavy rain or snowfall can also dangerously affect buoyancy and roof position.

Emerson’s solutions offer the following:

• Monitor roof position and tilt with radar devices mounted on the tank top or the floating roof
• Get alarms for roof tilting and other hazardous tank conditions
• Combine with liquid level measurement in a still-pipe for complete tank overview and overfill prevention
• Use wireless or wired signal transmission to the control room
• Integrate with operator interface including complete tank gauging and inventory management in the control room

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18th March 2021