EEMUA 177, Guide to the UK Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (2000), is a practical guide to interpreting the Pressure Systems Safety Regulations (PSSR) that relate to periodic examination of pressure systems, in or out-of-service as appropriate, and certain associated aspects. 

EEMUA said: “The PSSR contain a complex series of requirements and allow for a considerable element of experienced, professional judgement by the User and/or Competent Person, together with a demand for careful interpretation. EEMUA 177 brings clarity by explaining how to approach specific aspects of the PSSR and helps minimise unclear areas that can cause confusion about what to do with respect to the Regulations.”

The newly-released Edition 3 of the guide includes: additional guidance on postponement of examinations within Regulation 9; a revision to the guidance on Regulation 10, ‘Action in case of imminent danger’; additional guidance on Regulation 13, ‘Modification and repair’; together with other points of interest based upon actual use of pressure systems covered by the PSSR.

It added that whilst the guide refers to UK regulations and practice, much of the general advice is relevant to practice outside the UK. EEMUA 177 Edition 3 is available to buy from the EEMUA online Shop.

Digital editions are free to employees of EEMUA Member companies and available at a reduced price for EEMUA Associate companies.

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26th June 2020