Eddyfi Technologies said: “When it comes to vessel inspection, one tool can’t do it all, but a synergistic product offering enables complete coverage.”

Anyone operating in the non-destructive testing industry understands that more than one tool is required for inspection. Even with similar applications, certain variables can impact coverage.

It is common for an inspector to encounter a variety of critical components and infrastructure requiring condition assessments in one job. Regardless of the unique conditions for the range of assets requiring inspection, it is imperative that the inspection data results are repeatable, actionable, meaningful, and preventative. 

Eddyfi said: “To consistently meet this goal, industry should seek a trusted equipment solutions provider dedicated to supplying clients and stakeholders with a turnkey solution that supports application deliveries.”

Originally released in 2019, the R-Scan Array was developed to provide phased array corrosion mapping with the popular RMS automated scanner by Eddyfi Technologies. With integrated electronics for data acquisition and stitching, an ergonomic handle, and interchangeable low and high friction wheels, the commercially available solution is the first choice for single person operations. 

Eddyfi added: “Following positive feedback from equipment users worldwide, it was clear that the R-Scan Array could easily provide a cost-effective corrosion mapping solution in its own right following some design improvements. The optimised version based on recommendations from extensive field use enhances the user performance for both automated inspection with the RMS scanner as well as in a manual capacity when connected directly to leading phased array ultrasonic testing instruments produced by Eddyfi Technologies Centres of Excellence.”

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22nd March 2021