€5m has been invested in upgrading the lighting systems to energy-efficient LED lights at the 39 storage facilities belonging to CLH Group in Spain.

CLH Group said in an online statement announcing the news: “The upgrade is in line with its sustainability strategy to reduce emissions by 50% by 2025, and become a zero emissions company by 2050. It has recently signed a ten-year renewable energy PPA and is investing in energy-efficient replacement equipment. It is analysing the use of renewable sources to generate its own energy, and using carbon offsetting.”

It said the LED lights will reduce the energy consumption at its facilities by more than 44 per cent, lowering carbon emissions by 1,300 t/y. The replacement work will be completed by Q1 2021. The LED lights will also lower light pollution and reduce maintenance costs. 

Elsewhere, the company said it is also working with the oil industry to develop eco-fuels, including signing an agreement with the Spanish Oil Operators’ Association (AOP) for the development low-carbon liquid fuels, and is involved in two projects to use hydrogen and recycled plastic to make fuel.

For more information visit www.clh.es

20th May 2020