DTN, an independent source of insights, analysis and decision-support solutions, has acquired PraxSoft, a leading provider of sensor interface and communications technology which collects, processes and transmits real-time data from a myriad of sensor devices to produce actionable information. 

“This acquisition represents DTN’s long-standing commitment to providing independent insights that customers rely on when making business decisions,” the company said in a statement.

“Today we are opening a new era at DTN – one in which we can work with a wide range of our customers to derive a much more comprehensive portfolio of their data, analyse that data and provide customer-specific insights that help them prosper,” said Ron Sznaider, Vice Chairman of DTN. “The PraxSoft technology is unique and transformative for DTN. We are excited to introduce new capabilities to develop truly viable Internet of Things (IoT) solutions to empower our customers.”

PraxSoft currently serves a variety of industries including agriculture, transportation, and other weather-sensitive businesses. The company’s technology enables customers to access real-time environmental sensor information and analytics immediately to improve their operations.

“We believe that this acquisition will enable us to leverage our highly configurable and agnostic real-time connectivity and communication capabilities globally, sending the data back to DTN to build improved analytics and insights for DTN customers in several markets,” said Rhonda Copley, President of PraxSoft. “When our customers have the best data and information, we can help them make critical business decisions which decrease costs, improve operations and drive efficiencies.”

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11th June 2019