17.02.16. ITC Rubis conducted its first direct transloading of liquefied gases from vessel into block train at its Antwerp, Belgium terminal in January.
Tankterminals.com reported that over the past year ITC Rubis has built a facility suitable for transloading C3 and C4 gases directly from vessel into rail tanks or block trains which is now in full operation.
The transloading operation involves pumping product via a pipeline directly from a vessel into rail tanks connected to the gas loading station. During the entire operation no tank is used as intermediary storage.
The loading station has been expanded from two to eight positions, ie, four on each track. This enables ITC Rubis to unload the vessel directly into four rail tanks simultaneously.
Apart from the extension of the loading station ITC Rubis has also expanded its rail track capacity by building extra tracks along the length of the terminal in order to be able to store and shunt block trains more efficiently.
The facility is said to be the only location in Port of Antwerp providing this type of direct loading. There is significant demand for importing liquefied gases into the ARA region and very few facilities can store, tranship and/or transload them.
ITC Rubis also believes it will play a major role in shifting volume from road to rail transport mode.
Typical C4 gases which will be handled are isobutane, butadiene and crude C4. Propylene will be the main C3 gas. However, other liquefied C3 and C4 gases can be handled as well.

17th February 2016