With options including instant alerts and water isolation, Diamond Controls’ leak detection systems are geared up to accommodate a wide variety of needs, bespoke to the requirements of your premises, it said.

“Plus, we only use the best quality products and offer ongoing maintenance too!”, it added. 

The company said water, chemical, oil and refrigerant gas leaks can result in the destruction of property, assets, stock and considerable injury – even death – to occupants. 

Leak detection systems identify the location of a leak, enabling automatic control functions to react and engage before any damage occurs. It said its team is passionate about leak detection and takes great pride in the development of its systems.

From concept, when it “hand-picks a selection of the correct products for the application – products that we’ve personally thoroughly tested and proven – right through to professional installation and commissioning on site; leaving you with a highly reliable and effective system”.

Diamond said it provides and installs solutions to meet all leak detection requirements, regardless of the project scale or installation complexity.

Combining TraceTek, AquiTron and AquiNet technology with the “design and installation expertise” of its team, it said it can provide comprehensive turnkey leak detection system solutions.

For more information visit www.diamondcontrols.co.uk

27th May 2020