Texas Deepwater Deer Park Terminal LLC (TDWP DP), a subsidiary of Texas Deepwater Partners (TDWP), and Equilon Enterprises LLC d/b/a Shell Oil Products US (SOPUS) have completed the retrofit and refurbishment project at the Deer Park Rail Terminal (DPRT) on the Houston Ship Channel.

The DPRT, completed on time and on budget, has the capability of loading up to 48 railcars per day, or approximately 33,000 barrels of refined products per day. The terminal also has the advantage of providing additional value-added services including the capability of adding lubricity additives and red dye.

The facility is equipped with two operational tanks with 50,000 barrels of total storage capacity, which will service the railcar loading rack at the terminal with direct pipeline connectivity to the Deer Park Refinery and the Colex Products Terminal.

While the initial focus will be on loading diesel into railcars initially destined to Mexico and the Permian Basin, there may be a potential to further expand the DPRT by adding incremental storage capacity and rail loading capabilities to handle additional refined products. DPRT continues to receive strong interest from multiple potential customers pursuing long-term agreements at the terminal. While DRPT currently has some remaining uncommitted capacity, DPRT expects to fully contract the remaining capacity in the near term.

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7th August 2019