Energy Transfer Partners and Sunoco Logistics Partners have denounced a decision by the US Army Corps of Engineers regarding Dakota Access Pipeline’s authority to cross under Lake Oahe in North Dakota as “unjust and a reinforcement of the Administration’s lack of interest in enforcing and abiding by the law”.
The Corps said on 14 November that would hold more talks with a Native American tribe potentially affected by the pipeline before deciding on a permit that is key to finishing the US$3.8 billion project spanning four states.
But Energy Transfer and Sunoco maintain there was no legal or factual justification stated by the Corps for the delay. “In fact, the Corps admitted again that its review had concluded that all previous decisions complied with the all applicable legal requirements,” the developers stated.
“The Corps knows full well that it is seeking additional consultation with a party that has steadfastly refused to consult. Rather than holding Standing Rock Sioux Tribe accountable for its decisions over the past three years, it seeks to reward them at this late date,” a statement read.
“This action is motivated purely by politics at the expense of a company that has done nothing but play by the rules it was given,” said Kelcy Warren, CEO of Energy Transfer. “To propose, as the Corps now does, to delay further this pipeline and to engage in what can only be described as a sham process sends a frightening message about the rule of law.”

15th November 2016