CST Industries, Inc. has seen substantial company growth led by deploying $8 million in new capital investments from owner, Solace Capital Partners, a private investment firm based out of California.

Since the acquisition by Solace, in January of 2018, CST has invested heavily in the company’s manufacturing operations and office facilities, from new equipment, software and hardware tools and facility upgrades. The $8 million capital investment has not only allowed the company to make internal infrastructure improvements but has allowed CST to grow its global footprint with the launch of new products and services and significantly increasing its services business.

“CST will continue expanding its products and services business by increasing its investments in new infrastructure to meet customers demand for products and services, lead times and customer care. It does not plan to slow down its current momentum,” stated Tim Carpenter, CEO of CST Industries, Inc. “Our rapid investments are the result of our dominant position in the marketplace, and through our relentless focus on enhancing our safety, quality, delivery, manufacturing proficiency, responsiveness and customer satisfaction.”

“The company is currently launching internal programs and business systems aimed to deliver the best-in-class customer service to take CST to the next level of performance,” said Matt Gregg, VP of CST Industries. “The company is gearing towards more personalised servicing by supporting the customers better through improved tools and infrastructure. Our existing business and plans for growth are robust. As for the future, CST is currently planning for many new products and acquisitions that we feel will be real game changers throughout the industries we serve.”

For more information visit www.cstindustries.com

24th October 2019