CST Industries Inc has announced new representatives in South Florida and the Caribbean for the dry bulk marketspace, with the hiring of AW Process.

AW Process, based out of Lakeland, Florida, is a well-known company specialising in bulk handling material equipment, bulk loading, and unloading & storage of materials for ports & terminals.

It will be responsible for selling and installing CST’s iconic industry-leading epoxy coated bolted and welded storage solutions, TecTank.

“We are excited to be partnering with AW Process as our sales representative in this territory. We look to the future and a new chapter in conducting business together. They are eager to hit the ground running and we are eager to team with them to ensure that our customers get the right storage solutions for the right applications,” said Erik Carson, VP of sales at CST.

For more information visit cstindustries.com

20th April 2021