For mission critical and high consequence oil and gas operations, continuous, dependable monitoring is essential to minimise the negative environmental, safety and business impacts of a gas leak. That’s according to IntelliView Technologies Inc. 

It said its new methane detection system “offers peace of mind, all day and all night”, at less of a cost than standard OGI systems. 

Autonomous monitoring and alarming – Keep an eye on high consequence areas at your unmanned or remote sites, 24 hours a day, with the DCAM-M – featuring FLIR’s first uncooled methane sensor (GF77a). Its on-site analytics provide real-time detection and alerting so you’ll be the first to know when actual leaks occur.

Remotely confirm events in seconds – Instant alerts with photo/video lets you verify events without travelling to the site. Make decisions and take action quickly.

Inspect assets in HD – Reduce expensive maintenance visits by utilizing the dual sensor system’s colour camera to check current equipment status, site security and worker activity.

Easy-to-access data and power – Conveniently access live feeds, alarm data, and event recordings. Take control: adjust detection sensitivities, manage users, update system settings, and more.

Eliminate false alarms – It said its low false alarm performance is “industry leading, made possible by our sophisticated arsenal of patented/proprietary AI technologies and in-house optimisation”.

Extensive scalability and interoperability – From well pads to compressor stations, standalone to enterprise applications, it said its solutions work in low bandwidth, with your existing infrastructure, and can be adapted to accommodate the unique requirements of a variety of oil and gas facilities.

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22nd June 2020