Contanda is planning to focus on the storage of cleaner fuels such as biodiesel, renewable diesel and ultra-low sulfur diesel at its Grays Harbour terminal and has withdrawn its permit application to handle and store crude oil at the site.

Contanda has safely operated the facility to handle bulk liquid storage and logistics at the Port of Grays Harbour since 2009. Leveraging LEEN Engineering standards for development, the revised application for eight new storage tanks capable of storing 1.1 million barrels of liquid is in response to customer demand and the strong future across the West Coast for biofuels and commodities such as ultra-low-sulfur diesel as low carbon fuel standards and carbon regulations continue to move forward.

Company CEO, G.R. “Jerry” Cardillo said: “We heard the community, met with our customers and developed a revised strategy involving the storage of clean products. With the highest commitment to safety, our neighbors and the environment, we look forward to this potential expansion which will bring jobs, tax revenue and other economic benefits to the community for the long term.”

Grays Harbor’s strategic location and infrastructure are attractive to Contanda and potential customers whose products originate in the Northwest and can travel by rail to the port to be transferred to deep-water marine vessels. The project would create as many as 100 jobs during construction and up to 20 permanent positions when operational.

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31st Jan 2018

31st January 2018