The CLH Group is to invest €1.2 million in the installation of a new, more efficient and environmentally-friendly motor pump. It said the new pumping system will significantly reduce CO2 and NOx emissions, compared with older diesel pumps.

The new electric motor pump at its facility in Loeches will replace the diesel pumps currently used for product supply. It said: “This new investment will equip the plant with two electric motor pumps with a pumping capacity of 140 m3/h, which can work in parallel and maintain the same line configuration.”

This new pumping system will reduce emissions significantly by preventing the use of diesel fuel, in addition to ensuring delivery rates and safe pumping operations of oil products through the pipeline. The older diesel pumps will be maintained as a back-up to be used if necessary. 

This project is part of the sustainability strategy approved by the company, which aims to reduce energy consumption by replacing its equipment with more efficient devices and incorporating new technological developments, thus enabling the reduction of emissions.

CLH is also considering other alternatives to further reduce emissions, such as self-generation of electricity from renewable energy sources and the adoption of offsetting measures aimed at achieving a neutral carbon contribution by 2050, based on its sustainability strategy.

The company’s sustainability strategy also includes other specific plans and projects to strengthen its commitment to biodiversity protection and the fight against climate change, as well as cooperating with the oil industry in the development of eco-fuels.

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9th July 2020