CLH and Plug Power are to collaborate on promoting the use of hydrogen in Spain through the design, implementation and operation of energy solutions based on this technology. 

Plug Power is the global leader in the design and marketing of hydrogen fuel cell systems, with 28,000 fuel cells distributed on the international market and more than 270 million hours of operation in mobility applications.

This alliance will make it possible to offer comprehensive solutions to customers, such as retrofitting existing equipment to use hydrogen, selling new equipment, offering a steady supply of hydrogen and building and maintaining the required infrastructures. Therefore, the proposal offered to customers will be Hydrogen as a Service.

Under the agreement, the two companies will cooperate on the development of hydrogen-based energy solutions for diverse sectors and activities, including handling cargo, transporting goods, and other areas in which hydrogen-based solutions may afford advantages over the alternatives. In this regard, one area of particular interest is its use in powering forklifts and other equipment operated at ports and airports.

By using hydrogen as a fuel, no harmful emissions are released into the atmosphere because only steam is given off. In addition to generating no contaminating emissions, the use of hydrogen has other advantages such as the fact that it is completely silent when operating and refuelling is more convenient and faster, which makes steady operation possible.

Hydrogen-based logistics and industrial energy solutions also pose an advantage in that they take up less space and eliminate the need for high power electrical connections. And, over their full lifecycle, they are often more economical than other alternative solutions.

CLH will guarantee a constant hydrogen supply, backed by its experience and knowledge in the design, construction, maintenance and operation of transport and storage networks, in addition to its capacity to design and implement energy solutions and offer services to industrial customers.

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27th November 2019