“Cybersecurity is no longer considered an unnecessary expense but rather an investment need”, CLH Pipeline System said in a statement. It said companies see cybersecurity as a highly important asset to support protection for everything that revolves around, has revolved around or will revolve around their activities.

“Good cybersecurity management will prevent situations of a lack of trust among customers, suppliers or shareholders and avoid the media repercussions that could endanger the company’s image and reputation to revalue the commercial brand,” it added.

The digital transformation companies and organisations are going through, irrespective of their size or sector is forcing them to pay more attention to the development and implementation of policies that are directly related to cybersecurity. So it’s essential to design procedures to have more secure systems to gain production and online reputation and identity benefits.

CLH said there are several factors to be taken into account that guarantee greater protection, beginning with looking after one’s online image and digital presence on the internet by ensuring the ever more sophisticated devices found within organisations, whether communication or storage-related, as they are responsible for guaranteeing information integrity and reliability all without forgetting the most important element in the cybersecurity chain which are the employees: “They are the ones who handle our assets each day so their training and awareness cannot be ignored if a real cybersecurity culture is to be generated.”

Given that there are no common solutions to complex threats, organisations have decided to increase their efforts to minimize the impact of cyberattacks. Yet it is habitual for companies, especially those with little technological maturity, not to know how to act or which strategy to follow to actively respond to these issues.

Protection against these threats, which are more and more modern and sophisticated, is a complex process. Technological elements must be supplemented with effective action and recovery procedures as part of incident investigation, ongoing supervision, advanced detection and mitigation of security events.

CLH concluded: “It is not possible at present to ensure a company will be free of any cybersecurity risks. However, active protection where security is part of the strategic approach and there is advanced planning for prevention and responses in decision-making will lead to a more favourable position when responding effectively to cybersecurity incidents.”

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10th February 2020