The CLH Group has announced in an online statement that it has adjusted its infrastructures so biofuels can enter the logistics cycle. It said: “Biofuels are one of the greatest allies in the fight against climate change. The CLH Group has been a pioneer in their development in Spain and in the implementation of rigorous systems to ensure its quality.”

With the current energy transition process, it said biofuels are one of the main choices as far as mobility “as they offer greater energy security and less greenhouse gas emissions in addition to fostering Innovation and Development”.

Applying a more specific approach and focusing on alternatives for gas oil, the compounds deriving from plant oils and animal fats known as FAME (Fatty Acid Methyl Esters), commonly known as biodiesel, stand out. When added to gas oil, whenever the quality standards are met, it does not substantially modify gas oil and allows vehicle engines to work identically without any incidents.

To guarantee adequate use, biodiesel must comply with demanding quality requirements which are established in Europe by the European Committee for Standardization which is formed by 34 national standards bodies.

Blanca Martínez, Quality Coordinator at CLH, said: “If a product does not comply with each of the quality requirements demanded, it cannot be used as a fuel. In fact, it can’t even be classified as a gas oil or biodiesel.”

The statement said CLH has been a pioneer in implementing biofuels in Spain. In the early nineties, when there were no production projects in Spain, it said it began doing studies on its behaviour and possible uses.

Cristina Pérez, Head of Customer Service Development, said: “We currently offer biofuel storage and distribution services to all autonomous regions and have specifically adapted facilities to do so. We not only manage biodiesel but also bioethanol which has led us to managing more than 2,000,000 cubic metres of these fuels in 2019.”

To achieve this, besides designing new infrastructures, she said CLH has perfected its quality control and assurance systems with the development of new products, standards, equipment and test methods: “Thus, we guarantee that any biofuel that enters and leaves our plants strictly complies with all the legal obligations and maintains ideal behaviour in any circumstance.”

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20th April 2020