CLH Group has implemented predictive maintenance “to assist in the day-to-day management of the logistics network”.

The system is based on a combination of data gathering, artificial intelligence and machine learning. It said: “Intelligent systems capture information from sensors on more than 700 control valves used to loads road tankers at CLH facilities, and almost 100 pumps on CLH pipelines.

“This enables equipment to be continuously monitored on online dashboards, while the information and analyses performed, including on the condition of the equipment can be shared throughout the whole company.”

It added that models based on artificial intelligence and machine learning monitor the ongoing operation of the assets, taking into account different operating situations, “allowing potential malfunctions to be spotted before they happen, and scheduling corrective actions, thus avoiding unplanned downtime and damage to the assets”.

The move is part of CLH’s digital transformation plan, which aims to ensure “fast, safer and more efficient operations”.

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18th November 2020