In the GRESB 2020 sustainability benchmark, the CLH Group has achieved the highest possible rating – five-star.

In its first year of participation in the benchmark, CLH scored 89 out of 100, making it the industry leader in the transport of energy resources by pipeline in the maintenance and operation categories.

GRESB (formerly Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark) assesses the environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance of assets including buildings and infrastructure.

It is one of the world’s leading sustainability benchmarks and is used as a comparison tool by investment funds to rate the quality of their investments regarding sustainability. GRESB benchmarked more than 500 infrastructure funds and more than 400 assets against the global ESG standard in 2020.

CLH exceeded the ESG industry average by 32 percent and achieved an outstanding score in management policies, environment and management and governance.

José Luis López de Silanes, chairman of CLH, said the result “further strengthens the CLH Group’s long-standing commitment to sustainability.”

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16th November 2020