CLH carried out an €80 million investment programme in 2018 that focused on improving its infrastructures and services.

The improvement works allowed the company to keep reinforcing its logistics services and consolidate international expansion.

“In 2018, we put more than €40 million towards actions related to our business growth, modernising equipment and systems, safety and the environment in addition to making capital contributions to develop new projects,” the company said.

In addition to this figure, more than €8 million have been dedicated to maintenance work on its facilities and pipelines in Spain.

The investment programme in Spain was designed with collaboration from the HSSE, Operations and Technical teams which has made it possible to organise actions and prioritise those that are most important to maintaining excellence in our work.

For corporate technical director, Javier Alonso, “the investments made in 2018 and expected for the new few years will allow us to continue maintaining our facilities in accordance with the most demanding parameters from a safety and environmental perspective as well as offer new services”.

Itemising, nearly half of the investments, some €18 million, has been earmarked to improve competitive ability. As part of this item, actions to reinforce the automation of different plans and make it possible for them to be managed from the Facility Control Centre particularly stand out.

Additionally, the company is implementing improvements to expand the Barcelona facility capacity where it has built three tanks and is beginning work to adapt the Huelva and Castellón plants to provide new specialist services.

“The second block of investment is dedicated to enhancing our sustainability with a figure of nearly €18 million as well,” CLH said.

“As part of this item, we’re moving forward with our Safety, Prevention and Environment efforts with the implementation of the new loading area compartment identification system and new lock valves on the petrol arms. These two actions will allow more sustainable loading area operations.”

CLH is also continuing to develop the fire prevention system modernisation programme at several facilities in addition to working on various risk prevention projects such as installing new hand railings, walkways and lifelines at several plants and improving the perimeter protection system at the Loeches facility.

“As far as Integrity, we continue to inspect and improve our storage tanks and, as far as our pipelines, we’re renovating their coatings and cathodic protection at several points along the network in addition to replacing several line valves. Moreover, we’re making progress with the plan periodically developed to increase the depth of certain stretches of the pipeline and protect them from any outside actions.”

The company has made significant investments to strengthen the safety of its pipelines. Its preventive maintenance work includes visual checks, controls, revisions and measurements of the main equipment parameters. As far as corrective maintenance, its inspections and diagnostic systems allowed it to modernise equipment that had reached the end of their useful life.

Likewise, CLH began implementing a new asset management strategy focused on custom maintenance that adjusts to the needs and use made of each type of equipment instead of doing so in a standard way as has been done to date.

“Our new maintenance strategy will help us optimise the lifecycle of our assets and do more efficient maintenance in line with our business needs,” explained the director of operations, José Luis Conde.

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4th April 2019