CLH has developed a new application to facilitate data transmission between plants and the specialists at its Facility Monitoring Centre, “thus streamlining remote management of operations”.

For six years now, CLH Group has been remotely managing all major activities at most of its plants (such as tank filling, internal transfers and fuel dispatches) through the Facility Control Centre (CCI).

It said: “In order for this to be done correctly, there must be perfect coordination between the professionals at the facilities and those at the CCI so there is a good flow of information as if there were no physical distances.”

One of the keys to all of this is the computer tool Skynet, which centralises the primary data on plant activity. “With this application, CCI specialists may understand the planning and operations at the facilities in an organised and precise way to be able to prepare its own work plan,” explains creator Guillermo Bravo, a CCI supervisor.

This is possible because all facilities enter their operational plans in the tool a day in advance with information on the oil products they expect to send or receive, the tanks where they must be stored and the quantity of fuel to be removed by operators.

After completing this step, the specialists review the plans in Skynet and execute them in coordination with all other intervening stakeholders such as the Pipeline Monitoring Centre, customers and even refineries.

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3rd August 2020