Details on how and when capacity will be allocated on the 2.4bn m³/yr Gas Interconnection Poland-Lithuania (GIPL) link — which will end Lithuania’s physical isolation from EU pipeline infrastructure — are expected in mid-2021.

Lithuanian system operator Amber Grid said that the timeline of steps remaining before GIPL is commissioned will be indicated “most probably in July, maybe June”, with the exact timing to depend on construction.

This will include details on when it will be possible to book capacity, with the link scheduled to be commissioned in 2022.

Around 60 percent of construction is complete on Lithuania’s section of the link, with Amber Grid expecting the work — involving the installation of a pressure regulation and metering station at the Santaka border point with Poland — to finish by the end of this year.

Capacity will be 2.4bn m³/yr or 69.6 GWh/d to Lithuania from Poland and 1.9bn m³/yr, or 55.1 GWh/d, in the opposite direction.

Amber Grid and its Polish counterpart Gaz System plan to offer bundled capacity only, but are still deciding whether to include an implicit capacity allocation option, which Amber Grid said would operate from 2023 or later.

The operator of Lithuania’s 2.9mn t/yr Klaipeda LNG terminal is also carrying out a review of fees and capacity allocation, with the results expected in late spring.

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1st February 2021