21.03.16. QC Terminales has increased its capacity in both Chile and Ecuador.
Since QC acquired facilities in San Antonio (Chile) and Guayaquil (Ecuador) at the end of 2013, the group has invested in their expansion, encouraged by a growing demand for services.
As a result, the Guayaquil terminal grew in capacity by 1,730 cbm to reach a total of 21,100 cbm.
In San Antonio Terminal 6,200 cbm was added by means of an additional five new tanks, including a new loading platform (three trucks positions), truck weigh scale and pier to pipelines. San Antonio is also carrying out a second expansion project, adding another 3,200 cbm in four new tanks, which will give the facility a total capacity of 31,000 cbm by the third quarter of this year.
Total investment is US$13 million.

21st March 2016