CB&I has been awarded a contract by Hainan Huasheng New Material Technology Co. Ltd. for the license and engineering design for a diphenyl carbonate (DPC) petrochemical unit in Hainan Province, China.

The unit will use Versalis’ DPC technology licensed by CB&I to produce diphenyl carbonate intermediate, which is used for the production of polycarbonate. 

The process produces diphenyl carbonate by reacting dimethyl carbonate with phenol. By-product methanol can be recycled to upstream dimethyl carbonate production. There are no environmental or corrosion issues. Since CB&I also offers the Versalis/CB&I dimethyl carbonate (DMC) process, there are opportunities for energy integration as well when both DMC and DPC are produced.

“As CB&I continues to win new technology awards in China, we are enhancing our position as a leading technology provider for China’s energy industry,” said Daniel M. McCarthy, CB&I’s Executive Vice President of Technology. “This momentum underscores the confidence our customers have in CB&I’s technology portfolio and the future outlook for our technology solutions in the region.”

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3rd Apr 2018

3rd April 2018