23.10.15. The US Chemical Safety Board (CSB) approved the final investigation report into the 2009 explosion at the Caribbean Petroleum (CAPECO) terminal facility near San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Reports said the analysis was passed by 3 votes to 1, although no official statement has yet been made as to how the individual CSB board members voted.

In July, the CSB draft report was not finalised, as board member Manuel Ehrlich blocked the motion, calling for a thorough review of the recommendations, and claimed that he could not support them because in his view they failed to address adequately the root causes of the incident as identified in the CSB’s own findings.

An initial comparison between the draft and final report shows a few technical revisions to the recommendations.

A CSB statement said the final report incorporates feedback from the public and industry groups following the publication of the draft report.

A fuller review of the final report will be included in the soon-to-be published US Supplement to Storage Terminals Magazine.

23rd October 2015