25.04.16. In the first quarter of 2016, Port of Rotterdam handled higher volumes of crude oil (+2 percent to 26 million tonnes), mineral oil products (+7 percent to 24.4 million tonnes) and other liquid bulk (+2.1 percent to 7.8 million tonnes).
Low oil prices resulted in substantial margins for refineries, increased refining activity and strong trade in oil products, the port authority said.
In the other liquid bulk sectors, Rotterdam saw a slight decrease in the volume of MTBE (a petrol additive) put through the port, and a modest increase in biodiesel volumes.
The only segment that saw considerable decline in throughput was LNG (-72.6 percent). A substantially lower volume of LNG was re-exported to non-EU destinations in the first quarter, though LNG throughput volumes are expected to recover over the remainder of this year. All in all, the throughput of liquid bulk rose by 3.3 percent to 58.4 million tonnes.

25th April 2016